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There is a list of medications containing "Diclofenac Sodium" as a main active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), their available forms, doses and also pharmaceutical companies: manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, researchers and developers:

The first trade name of the products Lists of Diclofenac Sodium drugs The last trade name of the products
3A Ofteno 3A Ofteno - Acitan Acitan
Aclomax Aclomax - Aenafen Aenafen
A-Fenac A-Fenac - Aipexin Aipexin
Aksofenac Aksofenac - Aleve Aleve
Alfafenac Alfafenac - Algopain-Eze Algopain-Eze
Algoplast Algoplast - Alsidexten Alsidexten
Alterin Alterin - Anaflex Anaflex
Ana-Flex Ana-Flex - Anodyne Anodyne
Anodyne-SR Anodyne-SR - Apo-Diclofen Apo-Diclofen
Apo-Diclofenac Apo-Diclofenac - Areston Areston
Arfenac Arfenac - Arthrex Duo Arthrex Duo
Arthrofast Arthrofast - Artonec Artonec
Artren Artren - Assaren Assaren
Astefin Astefin - Autdol Autdol
Autdol Retard Autdol Retard - Batafil Batafil
Beconac Beconac - Berifen Retard Depotabs Berifen Retard Depotabs
Berifen Topico Berifen Topico - Biofenac-LP (Ache Laboratorios Farmaceuticos) Biofenac-LP (Ache Laboratorios Farmaceuticos)
Biofenac-LP (Biopharm) Biofenac-LP (Biopharm) - Brufenac Brufenac
Bufenac Bufenac - Campal Campal
Canefol Canefol - Chinclona Chinclona
Chinclonac Chinclonac - Clofec Clofec
Clofen Clofen - Clofenac Spraygel Clofenac Spraygel
Clofenac-SR Clofenac-SR - Clofenix-TR Clofenix-TR
Clofen-S Clofen-S - Clonac-TR Clonac-TR
Clonafec Clonafec - Coleth-AQ Coleth-AQ
Colmyblu Colmyblu - Curinflam Gesic Curinflam Gesic
Curinflam-AP Curinflam-AP - Danotech Danotech
Dan-SR Dan-SR - Dealgic Dealgic
Deborn Deborn - Deeclo Deeclo
Defanac Defanac - Deflamat Retard Deflamat Retard
Deflamat-CR Deflamat-CR - Delbitol Delbitol
Delete Delete - Denaclof Denaclof
Dencorub Anti-Inflammatory Dencorub Anti-Inflammatory - Desinflex Retard Desinflex Retard
Dewis Dewis - Dic (Shazals Pharmaceuticals) Dic (Shazals Pharmaceuticals)
Dic (Zephyr Pharmatec) Dic (Zephyr Pharmatec) - Diclac (Paramount Pharmaceuticals) Diclac (Paramount Pharmaceuticals)
Diclac (Sandoz) Diclac (Sandoz) - DiclacHexal DiclacHexal
DiclacHexal Rapid DiclacHexal Rapid - Diclaxol Diclaxol
Diclo (1 A Pharma) Diclo (1 A Pharma) - Diclo (Jpee Drugs) Diclo (Jpee Drugs)
Diclo (Pinewood Laboratories) Diclo (Pinewood Laboratories) - Diclo One Plasta Diclo One Plasta
Diclo Retard Diclo Retard - Dicloap Dicloap
Dicloaqua Dicloaqua - Diclobene Uno Diclobene Uno
Dicloberl Dicloberl - Diclocular Diclocular
Diclo-Denk Diclo-Denk - Diclodolor Diclodolor
DicloDuo DicloDuo - Diclofar Infantil Diclofar Infantil
Diclofast Diclofast - Diclofen (PharmedIC Vietnam) Diclofen (PharmedIC Vietnam)
Diclofen (SRS Pharmaceuticals) Diclofen (SRS Pharmaceuticals) - Diclofenac (Akrikhin) Diclofenac (Akrikhin)
Diclofenac (Alcon) Diclofenac (Alcon) - Diclofenac (Amros Pharmaceuticals) Diclofenac (Amros Pharmaceuticals)
Diclofenac (Angenerico Produtos Farmaceuticos Genericos) Diclofenac (Angenerico Produtos Farmaceuticos Genericos) - Diclofenac (Biohimik) Diclofenac (Biohimik)
Diclofenac (Biologici Italia Laboratories) Diclofenac (Biologici Italia Laboratories) - Diclofenac (Celltrion Pharm) Diclofenac (Celltrion Pharm)
Diclofenac (Chatfield Pharmaceuticals) Diclofenac (Chatfield Pharmaceuticals) - Diclofenac (CTS Chemical Industries) Diclofenac (CTS Chemical Industries)
Diclofenac (Daihan Pharmaceutical) Diclofenac (Daihan Pharmaceutical) - Diclofenac (Edol Laboratorio Produtos Farmaceuticos) Diclofenac (Edol Laboratorio Produtos Farmaceuticos)
Diclofenac (EG Labo) Diclofenac (EG Labo) - Diclofenac (Generics UK) Diclofenac (Generics UK)
Diclofenac (Generis Farmaceutica) Diclofenac (Generis Farmaceutica) - Diclofenac (Helvepharm) Diclofenac (Helvepharm)
Diclofenac (Hemofarm) Diclofenac (Hemofarm) - Diclofenac (Ipca Laboratories) Diclofenac (Ipca Laboratories)
Diclofenac (IVAX) Diclofenac (IVAX) - Diclofenac (Lupin Pharmaceuticals) Diclofenac (Lupin Pharmaceuticals)
Diclofenac (M.J. Biopharm) Diclofenac (M.J. Biopharm) - Diclofenac (Moscow Pharmaceutical Factory) Diclofenac (Moscow Pharmaceutical Factory)
Diclofenac (Mylan) Diclofenac (Mylan) - Diclofenac (Obolenskoe Pharmaceutical Enterprise) Diclofenac (Obolenskoe Pharmaceutical Enterprise)
Diclofenac (Ohara Pharmaceutical) Diclofenac (Ohara Pharmaceutical) - Diclofenac (Pharmstandard-Leksredstva) Diclofenac (Pharmstandard-Leksredstva)
Diclofenac (Pharmstandard-Phytopharm-NN) Diclofenac (Pharmstandard-Phytopharm-NN) - Diclofenac (Ratiopharm) Diclofenac (Ratiopharm)
Diclofenac (Renaudin Laboratoire) Diclofenac (Renaudin Laboratoire) - Diclofenac (Salutas Pharma) Diclofenac (Salutas Pharma)
Diclofenac (Sandoz) Diclofenac (Sandoz) - Diclofenac (Spodefell) Diclofenac (Spodefell)
Diclofenac (Stada) Diclofenac (Stada) - Diclofenac (Teva) Diclofenac (Teva)
Diclofenac (Thephaco) Diclofenac (Thephaco) - Diclofenac (Vacopharm) Diclofenac (Vacopharm)
Diclofenac (Valenta Pharmaceuticals) Diclofenac (Valenta Pharmaceuticals) - Diclofenac Dura Diclofenac Dura
Diclofenac Na (Centrafarm) Diclofenac Na (Centrafarm) - Diclofenac Retard (Adico Pharma) Diclofenac Retard (Adico Pharma)
Diclofenac Retard (Aliud Pharma) Diclofenac Retard (Aliud Pharma) - Diclofenac Retard (Sandoz) Diclofenac Retard (Sandoz)
Diclofenac Retard (Stada) Diclofenac Retard (Stada) - Diclofenac-Cimex Diclofenac-Cimex
Diclofenac-CR Diclofenac-CR - Diclofenacnatrium (Manston Pharma) Diclofenacnatrium (Manston Pharma)
Diclofenacnatrium (Mylan) Diclofenacnatrium (Mylan) - Diclofenacnatrium Retard Diclofenacnatrium Retard
Diclofenaco (Albis) Diclofenaco (Albis) - Diclofenaco (Biosintetica Laboratorios) Diclofenaco (Biosintetica Laboratorios)
Diclofenaco (Blaskov Laboratorios) Diclofenaco (Blaskov Laboratorios) - Diclofenaco (Diamedica Laboratorio) Diclofenaco (Diamedica Laboratorio)
Diclofenaco (Disfarmed) Diclofenaco (Disfarmed) - Diclofenaco (Genamerica) Diclofenaco (Genamerica)
Diclofenaco (Generico de Calidad) Diclofenaco (Generico de Calidad) - Diclofenaco (Llorens Laboratorios) Diclofenaco (Llorens Laboratorios)
Diclofenaco (Mantecorp) Diclofenaco (Mantecorp) - Diclofenaco (Novartis) Diclofenaco (Novartis)
Diclofenaco (Padro) Diclofenaco (Padro) - Diclofenaco (SM Pharma) Diclofenaco (SM Pharma)
Diclofenaco (Spefar Venezolanos Laboratorios) Diclofenaco (Spefar Venezolanos Laboratorios) - Diclofenaco Retard (BCN Medical) Diclofenaco Retard (BCN Medical)
Diclofenaco Retard (Ecuaquimica) Diclofenaco Retard (Ecuaquimica) - Diclofenac-SF Diclofenac-SF
Diclofenac-SL Diclofenac-SL - Diclofenbeta Diclofenbeta
Diclofenbeta Retard Diclofenbeta Retard - Dicloftal Dicloftal
Dicloftil Dicloftil - Diclogin Diclogin
Diclogray Diclogray - Diclolab Diclolab
Diclolam Diclolam - Diclomax-SR Diclomax-SR
Diclomed Diclomed - Diclomex Diclomex
Diclomic-SR Diclomic-SR - Diclon Diclon
Diclon Rapid Diclon Rapid - Diclon-DR Diclon-DR
Diclonet Diclonet - Diclopane Diclopane
Diclophlogont Diclophlogont - Diclo-Puren Retard Diclo-Puren Retard
Diclora Diclora - Diclora-TR Diclora-TR
Diclord Diclord - Diclo-Saar Diclo-Saar
Diclo-Saar SF Diclo-Saar SF - Dicloscot-XR Dicloscot-XR
Diclosian Diclosian - Diclo-Spondyril Diclo-Spondyril
Diclo-Spondyril Retard Diclo-Spondyril Retard - Diclotab Diclotab
Diclo-Tablinen Diclo-Tablinen - Diclotears Diclotears
Diclotec Diclotec - Diclovol Diclovol
Diclovol-SR Diclovol-SR - Dicloyan-S Dicloyan-S
Diclozaf Diclozaf - Dicofen-SR Dicofen-SR
Dicoliv Dicoliv - Dicronac Dicronac
Dic-S Dic-S - Difal Difal
Difam Difam - Difenac (Rephco Laboratories) Difenac (Rephco Laboratories)
Difenac (Sandoz) Difenac (Sandoz) - Difene Dual Difene Dual
Difenet Difenet - Difisal Difisal
Difisal-SR Difisal-SR - Difnal-OD Difnal-OD
Difsom Difsom - Dikloflame Dikloflame
Diklonat-P Diklonat-P - Dilock-TR Dilock-TR
Dilofen Dilofen - Dinac-TR Dinac-TR
Dinafen Dinafen - Di-Retard Di-Retard
Diroxin Diroxin - Divido Divido
Divoltar Divoltar - DO DO
Dofec Dofec - Dolfenac Dolfenac
Dolflam Dolflam - Dolobasan Dolobasan
Dolocalm Dolocalm - Doloran Doloran
Doloron Doloron - Dolpasse Retard Dolpasse Retard
Dolphin Dolphin - Doroxan Doroxan
Dosanac Dosanac - Durafin Durafin
Duravolten Duravolten - Dyloject Dyloject
Dynaford Dynaford - Ecofenac-CR Ecofenac-CR
Econac Econac - Effekton Effekton
Elaria Elaria - Enstar-XL Enstar-XL
E-Par E-Par - Eurofenac Eurofenac
Evadol Evadol - Fasten Fasten
Febnac Febnac - Fenactol Fenactol
Fenactol Retard Fenactol Retard - Fenal Fenal
Fenalgic Fenalgic - Fender Fender
Fendic-S Fendic-S - Fenodic Fenodic
Fenozil Fenozil - Fenum-TR Fenum-TR
Fervex Fervex - Fisiodol Forte Fisiodol Forte
Fisioren Fisioren - Flameril Flameril
Flameril Retard Flameril Retard - Flanaren Flanaren
Flankol Flankol - Flexamina Flexamina
Flexen Flexen - Flogene Retard Flogene Retard
Flogene-SR Flogene-SR - Forgenac Retard Forgenac Retard
Forsun Forsun - Galtaren Emulgel Galtaren Emulgel
Gateway Diclofen Gateway Diclofen - Glif-S Glif-S
GL-Ron GL-Ron - Heclow-N Heclow-N
Hegen Hegen - Hondic Hondic
Huma-Difenac Huma-Difenac - Indofen Indofen
Indofenac Indofenac - Infladoren Infladoren
Inflamac Inflamac - Inflex Inflex
Inforce Inforce - Jefenac-TR Jefenac-TR
Jenafenac Jenafenac - Kaldic Kaldic
Kalfen Kalfen - Klaxon-SR Klaxon-SR
Klofen-L Klofen-L - Lenac Lenac
Lenitil Lenitil - Lexobene Lexobene
Liberalgium Liberalgium - Liroken-I Liroken-I
Lisiflen Lisiflen - Lofnac Lofnac
Lofsim Lofsim - Lotto Lotto
Lotto-D Lotto-D - Magluphen Magluphen
Magnofenac Magnofenac - Matic Matic
Maxilerg Maxilerg - Medifen-TR Medifen-TR
Mediflam Mediflam - Merxil Retard Merxil Retard
Metaflex-NF Metaflex-NF - Mishanac Mishanac
Miyadren Miyadren - Monoflam Monoflam
Monoflam Retard Monoflam Retard - Moven Moven
Movonac Movonac - Naclof Naclof
Naclof Unidose Naclof Unidose - Naklofen-SR Naklofen-SR
Nalgiflex Nalgiflex - Neclof Neclof
Necson Necson - Neotaflan Neotaflan
Neotaren Neotaren - Nodinac-SR Nodinac-SR
Noltren Noltren - Novarin-SR Novarin-SR
Novo-Difenac Novo-Difenac - Nu-Diclo SR Nu-Diclo SR
Nufenac Nufenac - Oftic Oftic
Oftulix Oftulix - Olfen Uno Olfen Uno
Olfen-75 Duo Release Olfen-75 Duo Release - Optamax Optamax
Optanac Optanac - Orthonil Orthonil
Ortofer Ortofer - Osteoflam Osteoflam
Osteonac Osteonac - Oxynal Oxynal
Pain Zero TR Pain Zero TR - Painstop Painstop
Pain-X Pain-X - Panslay Panslay
Parafortan Parafortan - PHLodic PHLodic
Phlogin Phlogin - Piroflam L.P. Piroflam L.P.
PMS-Diclofenac PMS-Diclofenac - Primofenac Primofenac
Primofenac Emulsions-Gel Primofenac Emulsions-Gel - Proklaf Proklaf
Proladin Proladin - Quimar Quimar
Radix-AQ Radix-AQ - Recinac Recinac
Reclofen Reclofen - Relipain Relipain
Relivo-AQ Relivo-AQ - Retilon Retilon
Reuflen Reuflen - Rhemofenax Rhemofenax
Rheudic Rheudic - Rheumasan-D Rheumasan-D
Rheumatac Rheumatac - Rhumalgan Rhumalgan
Rhumalgan-CR Rhumalgan-CR - Rolactin Rolactin
Romafen Romafen - Rumso Rumso
Runac Runac - Sandoz Diclofenac Sandoz Diclofenac
Sandoz Diclofenac Ophtha Sandoz Diclofenac Ophtha - Selectofen L.P. Selectofen L.P.
Sendipen Sendipen - Sigafenac Sigafenac
Sigmafenac Sigmafenac - Sipirac-AP Sipirac-AP
Slofenac Slofenac - Sonal Sonal
Sonifac Sonifac - Sting Sting
Stopan Stopan - Synovial Synovial
Tabiflex Tabiflex - Tekaflex Tekaflex
Teknofenac Teknofenac - Toferaren Toferaren
Tomanil Tomanil - Traumus Traumus
Treafen Treafen - Ultrafen Ultrafen
Ultrafen-SR Ultrafen-SR - Urigon Urigon
U-Tran U-Tran - Vartelon Vartelon
Veclofen Veclofen - Veral Veral
Veral Retard Veral Retard - Vifenac Vifenac
Viklaren Viklaren - Vivian Vivian
Vivogesic Vivogesic - Voldos Voldos
Volfast-TR Volfast-TR - Voligel Voligel
Volini Volini - Volsaid Volsaid
Volsaid Retard Volsaid Retard - Voltaflan Voltaflan
Voltaflex Voltaflex - Voltanac Voltanac
Voltaren 24 hr Patch Voltaren 24 hr Patch - Voltaren Injektionspraparat Voltaren Injektionspraparat
Voltaren Multidose Voltaren Multidose - Voltaren Ophtha Sine Voltaren Ophtha Sine
Voltaren Ophthalmic Voltaren Ophthalmic - Voltarene Child Voltarene Child
Voltarene Dolo Voltarene Dolo - Voltaren-SDU Voltaren-SDU
Voltaren-SR Voltaren-SR - Voltaron Voltaron
Voltavil Voltavil - Voltid-SR Voltid-SR
Voltinac Voltinac - Vonac Vonac
Vorac Vorac - Votrex Votrex
Votrex Retard Votrex Retard - Vurdon Vurdon
Vydiclo Vydiclo - Xedenol Xedenol
Xelaran Xelaran - Zalin Zalin
Zaway Zaway - Ziclofen-S Ziclofen-S
Zobid Zobid - Zwitter Zwitter

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