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There is a list of medicines containing "Diclofenac Sodium" as a main active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), their available forms, doses and also pharmaceutical companies: manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, researchers and developers:

The first trade name of the products Lists of Diclofenac Sodium drugs The last trade name of the products
3A Ofteno 3A Ofteno - A-Fenac A-Fenac
Aflac Aflac - Alfafenac-SR Alfafenac-SR
Alfenal Alfenal - Ammi-Votara Ammi-Votara
Amponac Amponac - Aquadic Aquadic
Aquaflam Aquaflam - Arthron Arthron
Articavol Articavol - Atiflan Atiflan
Atranac Atranac - Berifen Retard Depocaps Berifen Retard Depocaps
Berifen-DT Berifen-DT - Brodolox Brodolox
Bufenac Forte Bufenac Forte - Cidlon Cidlon
Clafen Clafen - Clofenac-SR Clofenac-SR
Clofenal Enfant Clofenal Enfant - Cloren-AD Cloren-AD
Cofenac Cofenac - Dacy-AQ Dacy-AQ
Dagesil Dagesil - Declofen Declofen
Decrol Decrol - Delimon Delimon
Deltaflogin Deltaflogin - Di Fu Xin Di Fu Xin
Dianic Dianic - Diclac Dispers Akut Diclac Dispers Akut
Diclac Relief Diclac Relief - Diclo (Dr. August Wolff Arzneimittel) Diclo (Dr. August Wolff Arzneimittel)
Diclo (Hexal) Diclo (Hexal) - Dicloasia Dicloasia
Diclo-B Diclo-B - Diclodium Diclodium
Diclodoc Diclodoc - Diclofelit Diclofelit
Diclofen Diclofen - Diclofenac (Amneal Pharmaceuticals) Diclofenac (Amneal Pharmaceuticals)
Diclofenac (Apotex) Diclofenac (Apotex) - Diclofenac (Chau Au) Diclofenac (Chau Au)
Diclofenac (Ciron Drugs & Pharmaceuticals) Diclofenac (Ciron Drugs & Pharmaceuticals) - Diclofenac (Farmaprim) Diclofenac (Farmaprim)
Diclofenac (Flupal Laboratorios) Diclofenac (Flupal Laboratorios) - Diclofenac (Hexa-Medinova Laboratorio) Diclofenac (Hexa-Medinova Laboratorio)
Diclofenac (Humedix) Diclofenac (Humedix) - Diclofenac (Merck) Diclofenac (Merck)
Diclofenac (Meyer BPC Pharmaceuticals) Diclofenac (Meyer BPC Pharmaceuticals) - Diclofenac (Pharmstandard-Leksredstva) Diclofenac (Pharmstandard-Leksredstva)
Diclofenac (Phil Pharmawealth) Diclofenac (Phil Pharmawealth) - Diclofenac (Sanya Lifesciences) Diclofenac (Sanya Lifesciences)
Diclofenac (Shanxi Medicines & Health Products) Diclofenac (Shanxi Medicines & Health Products) - Diclofenac (Tolmar) Diclofenac (Tolmar)
Diclofenac (Tsuruhara Pharmaceutical) Diclofenac (Tsuruhara Pharmaceutical) - Diclofenac Na (Nichi-Iko Pharmaceutical) Diclofenac Na (Nichi-Iko Pharmaceutical)
Diclofenac Na (Pharmachemie) Diclofenac Na (Pharmachemie) - Diclofenac Retard (Hong Kong Medical Supplies) Diclofenac Retard (Hong Kong Medical Supplies)
Diclofenac Retard (Remedica) Diclofenac Retard (Remedica) - Diclofenac-LH Diclofenac-LH
Diclofenacnatrium Diclofenacnatrium - Diclofenaco (Balldarassi Industria Comercio Produtos Farmaceuticos) Diclofenaco (Balldarassi Industria Comercio Produtos Farmaceuticos)
Diclofenaco (Biosintetica Laboratorios) Diclofenaco (Biosintetica Laboratorios) - Diclofenaco (Hexal) Diclofenaco (Hexal)
Diclofenaco (Lancasco) Diclofenaco (Lancasco) - Diclofenaco (Spefar Venezolanos Laboratorios) Diclofenaco (Spefar Venezolanos Laboratorios)
Diclofenaco (Unique Pharmaceutical Laboratories) Diclofenaco (Unique Pharmaceutical Laboratories) - Diclofenac-SR Diclofenac-SR
Diclofenac-XL Diclofenac-XL - Diclogenom Diclogenom
Diclogesic Diclogesic - Diclomac Diclomac
Diclomar Diclomar - Diclomove Diclomove
Diclon Diclon - Diclonova Diclonova
Diclon-TR Diclon-TR - Dicloratio Dicloratio
Diclora-TR Diclora-TR - Diclosig Diclosig
Diclosodico Diclosodico - Diclotal-SR Diclotal-SR
Diclotard Diclotard - Diclowan Diclowan
Diclowin Diclowin - Dicor Dicor
Dicowise Dicowise - Difenac (Intermed Pharma) Difenac (Intermed Pharma)
Difenac (Rolab) Difenac (Rolab) - Diflosid Diflosid
Difnac Difnac - Dikloflame Dikloflame
Diklonat-P Retard Diklonat-P Retard - Diltaren Diltaren
Dinac Dinac - Disipan Disipan
Disofenac Disofenac - Doflex Doflex
Dolacen Dolacen - Dolofen-N Dolofen-N
Doloflex Doloflex - Dom-Diclofenac Dom-Diclofenac
Donjast-A Donjast-A - Dyclo-P Dyclo-P
Dycnom Dycnom - Effekton Effekton
Eldofen-SR Eldofen-SR - Evinopon Evinopon
Eyeclof Eyeclof - Fenacold Fenacold
Fenactol-SR Fenactol-SR - Fenic-AQ Fenic-AQ
Fenisole Emulgel Fenisole Emulgel - Fisiodol Fisiodol
Fist Fist - Flenac Flenac
Flexamina Flexamina - Fortenac Fortenac
Frendik-S Frendik-S - G-Ron G-Ron
Haloran Haloran - Inac Inac
Indicam Indicam - Instaren Instaren
Intagesic Intagesic - Kang Tai Kang Tai
Keliber-SR Keliber-SR - Lenitil Lenitil
Lertus-MD Lertus-MD - Locopain Locopain
Lodic-AQ Lodic-AQ - Mafena Mafena
Magluphen Magluphen - Medran-SR Medran-SR
Megafen-SR Megafen-SR - Mobidase-AQ Mobidase-AQ
Mobigel Mobigel - Myogit Myogit
Naboal-L Naboal-L - Natan Natan
Natwel Natwel - N-Ke'ev N-Ke'ev
Noctel Noctel - Nu-Diclo SR Nu-Diclo SR
Nugesia Nugesia - Ontac Ontac
Optamax Optamax - Ortophen (Bryntsalov-A) Ortophen (Bryntsalov-A)
Ortophen (Moskhimfarmpreparaty) Ortophen (Moskhimfarmpreparaty) - Painkair Painkair
Pain-Out Pain-Out - Pevoran Retard Pevoran Retard
PHLodic PHLodic - Primofenac Retard Primofenac Retard
Prodium Prodium - Rapten Duo Rapten Duo
Raxonac Raxonac - Ren Ren
Retilon Retilon - Rheumatac Rheumatac
Rheumavek Rheumavek - Romatim Romatim
Rooney Rooney - Sandoz Diclofenac SR Sandoz Diclofenac SR
Santofen Santofen - Simfenic Simfenic
Siofen Siofen - Staren Staren
Stopan Stopan - Taldic-SR Taldic-SR
Taro-Diclofenac Taro-Diclofenac - Traulen Traulen
Treafen Treafen - Valentac Valentac
Valfen Valfen - Vesconac Vesconac
Viavox Viavox - Volcan Volcan
Voldal Voldal - Volnac Volnac
Volpro Volpro - Voltaren 24H Voltaren 24H
Voltaren Dispers Voltaren Dispers - Voltarene Enfant Voltarene Enfant
Voltarene-SR Voltarene-SR - Voltic-D Voltic-D
Voltid-SR Voltid-SR - Votonnin Votonnin
Votril Votril - Wikigesic Wikigesic
Wizact-AQ Wizact-AQ - Zarpen Zarpen
Zeenac Zeenac - Zwitter Zwitter

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